Tuemme palokuntanuorisotyötä


We support the youth work of the voluntary fire brigade.

The founder of the foundation

Diploma Engineer Markku H Aarnio founded the foundation in 2009. Mr. Aarnio has been a longtime teacher and lecturer in structural rescue services at the rescue academy in Kuopio.

The Board of Directors
Chairman of the Board: Markku Aarnio
Vice Chairman: Katja Brückner
Member of the Board: Mika Gröndahl
Member of the Board: Vili Heinikoski
CEO: Vili Heinikoski

Scholarships, assistance, and other grants from the foundation

Public and private communities and individuals permanently residing in the municipalities of Southern Finland can apply for scholarships, assistance, or other grants for purposes defined in the foundation's statutes.
In recent years, most of the grants issued have been directed towards supporting the Rescue Race competition.

Rescue Race competition of the Fire Brigade Youth

The competition began in 2010.

At the suggestion of the foundation, the competition of the five rescue associations in Southern Finland is annually scheduled for the 2nd Saturday in March. The organizing responsibility is taken by the respective rescue association at its local location.

The 2024 competition will be held in Lappeenranta, organized by the local rescue association.

The purpose of the competition and the organization in its main features

The Rescue Race is a team competition in modern rescue services. The goal is to promote team spirit within the cohesion of firefighting members and strengthen individual confidence to take appropriate actions in rescue situations. A team consists of five juvenile firefighting members and one adult supervisor. The juvenile members must be under 18 years old. The maximum combined age of a team must not exceed 70 years.

Prizes of the Rescue Race competition

The winning team of the competition gets its team name engraved on the trophy, as well as a medal and a gift voucher.

Contact information
Authorized representative of the foundation:
Vili Heinikoski
Ylisrinne 6 B 9
02210 Espoo